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Gifts for a Wedding: Buying for the Ring Bearer

Selecting memorable and appropriate gifts for your wedding party can be an enjoyable ... although sometimes challenging ... task. You may know exactly what you want to get the adults who will be participating in your special day. However, you may be scratching your head when it comes to trying to decide what to get the children who will be part of your wedding party. For example, you may be wondering what to get for your ring bearer, what kind of gift to get for your ring bearer.

By purchasing the right gift you will make sure that your young friend will know how important he is ... and that his presence in your very special day is well appreciated.

The Ring Bearer: A Big Part of Your Special Day

He may be a young boy, but he has a big responsibility at your wedding. He is also probably a good friend, brother, or other family member, and honoring his place in your life is one of your most important gift-giving jobs. While itís tempting to rely on stuffed animals and toys, remember that they should bear the hallmark of the occasion.

Toys for Boys-

Coin banks in shapes of cars, motorcycles, toy blocks, and other boyish thing are available, as are personalized mugs and glasses. You can have toys engraved for him, like a silver yo-yo with his name and the date, and his special place in the ceremony. There are also safe radio controlled toys, such as foam UFOs, that might make appropriate gifts. When choosing toys, however, always speak with the parents first.

Thinking Older

Children often like to be thought of as older then they really are, so consider a gift that compliments his maturity. A set of cufflinks may be the prime gift for your ring bearer. Especially consider this gift if you are giving your groomsmen cufflinks, and it would make a big hit if the best manís gift is also a set. This will place him in the same category as the big guys in your wedding, and make him feel important, especially if itís his first set. Make sure to give them to him before the wedding so he can wear them during the ceremony.

Match with Groomsmen's Gifts

This idea of matching the groomsmenís gifts can be carried into other areas of gift giving. If you are buying them sports-oriented gifts, consider giving the ring bearer tickets to a sports event that he could attend with another family member and maybe another little friend. There are also sports-designed home furnishings he could put in his room, like posters, life size cutouts of his favorite sports figure, or sports clocks and lamps.

And ... The Final Message

Whatever you choose, make sure the message it sends is, ďThanks, Big Guy! Youíre important to me.Ē



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