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Where to Buy Wacky Gifts Online and in the Real World

The perfect wacky gift, or gag gift, can be a challenge to find, so make sure you consider both online stores and real stores. While some gifts might promise to bring a smile, sometimes when you actually get them in your hands they fall a little short. So shop carefully.

You need to take your time when seeking a unique gift, a wacky gift. You really cannot just run off and buy the first thing that catches your eye. If you do buy the first thing that ends up in your line of site, you really will end up with something ... unworthy ... in many instances. While it is fun to be wacky and to buy a unique gift, it also necessarily takes time and effort on your part.

Shopping for a Unique Gift or a Wacky Gift on the Net

If you're shopping online, try <>. This website offers wacky, geeky, fun, and whimsical for you your choices of humorous gift-giving. Available are items like Pimp My Cubicle, humorous books, boyfriend arm pillows and interactive pets.

Don't miss <>. Archie McPhee offers a huge variety of products, from the bacon wallet and hand held catapults to ceramic smoking babies and a pig acupuncture model. Even some of the gifts are appropriate for children. And don't forget, they're made by magic pixies!

Shopping for a Unique Gift or a Wacky Gift in the Real World

As always, the standard in wacky gifts in the mall is Spencer's. Almost every town has at least one mall that contains a Spencer's and you can buy lava lamps, posters, retro items, gag gifts, practical jokes, and more. Another good place to look for practical jokes is a magic shop or game store, many of which are also found in shopping centers.

Understand the Person for Whom the Gift is Intended.

Sometimes wacky depends on the person. If you know someone with eccentric tendencies, such as hating the feel of cleaning fluids, buy them a year's supply of rubber gloves. It may be a gag gift, but the gloves will probably get used. Sometimes the easiest way to find a gag gift that normally doesn't serve as one is to check out crafters' malls and toy stores. A word of caution: if a phobia is involved, don't do it. Phobias can be debilitating, and would likely make it worse.



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