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Buying Personalized Gifts: The Dos, The Don'ts

If you are looking for a personalized gift, you have probably already been to the mall kiosks where you can get engravings on keepsakes made of crystal, glass, precious metal, and what have you. While these are often beautiful items, often the won't come close to honoring the type or strength of the connection you have with the person you want to give it to.

In the end, buying personalized gifts can be a particular challenge. Through our article, we present to you some thoughts that will be helpful to you in finding personalized gifts that are absolutely perfect. We provide for you the dos and the don'ts of buying personalized gifts.

Personalize Any Gift At All

You may not realize it, but you probably have the ability to personalize any gift you might think of for someone. Instead of a photo of you and the other person with an engraved frame, think about taking the photo to a professional photographer or local photo lab. You can then order an enlargement made with texture applied to make it look like a professional portrait.

Understanding the Recipient's Interests

Also consider the other person's interests. There are companies on the internet and sometimes even in the mall that will take a photograph and make a magazine cover out of it. So if she's a guitarist, think about getting a photo of her playing her instrument on a popular music magazine. If he's an athlete, get his photo put on the cover of a fitness publication. Dad might like his picture on the cover of fishing magazine, and your mom might love to see herself on the cover of a women's golf periodical.

You can also personalize around other types of interests. A gardener might enjoy receiving a plant with a name identical to his or her own (if available). Athletic men and women might enjoy receiving a personalized trophy for another area of their lives, like a giant cup that says, “World's Best Mother,” or “Best Soccer Dad of All Time.” But don't forget to fill the cup with his or her favorite candy!

Just Think About the Recipient

The trick to personalized gifts is often just thinking about the person. If you can answer what the person likes to do, or what the person loves most, your problem is solved. You will have in mind the most perfect personalized gift. You will be able to give the best possible gift -- that your friend or family member will always cherish.


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