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Where to Buy Humorous Gifts Online and in the Real World

There is a plethora of humorous gift giving done every year and for every occasion. Hardly a year goes by but what someone gets at least one gift that brings a chuckle. There are a large selection of sites on the internet as well as malls and shopping centers.

When it comes to gift giving, chances are that one of your unstated (or perhaps even stated) goals is to give a gift that will long be remembered. Because people today have to work so hard, they revel in the chance to have a good, hearty laugh. Therefore, if you are able to give a gift that brings a person the chance to chuckle -- you will have accompished something truly special.

Fun Gifts on the Net <> carries a large selection of gifts of all kinds, and sports four pages of gag and humorous gifts. From the beer belly water pack to crazy pool balls and gag parking tickets, there is almost sure to be something for everyone on this website. And parents everywhere can make good use of the spy ear, a small amplifier with a high-powered microphone.

The folks at have assembled a small collection of humorous gifts, like stripping game decision dice, funny books, and a golf voodoo kit. Don't forget to visit one of the many websites that offer humorous t-shirts and other clothing.

Fun Gifts in the Brick and Mortar World

T-shirt shops in the malls and shopping centers also have a wide variety of humorous sayings, and often you can create your own. Remember that humor relies on incongruity, and any gift can be humorous if it emphasizes opposites or inconsistencies. A word of caution, though: make sure you don't point something out in an attempt at humor that would hurt the person. Sensitivity is a must.

A Night Out and About on the Town

You can also treat someone to a night at the comedy club or a magic show. Magic shows often include humor and sight gags. Another fun thing to do, if you have the talent, is to create a funny video and give a DVD of it to your friend. Remember, again, that humor to one person may not be humor to another.

Once again, by buying or arranging for a humorous gift, you will bring a big blast of fun to a person's life. Laughter is the best medicine and you will be bringing a magnificent dose.



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