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Buying Geeky Gifts

Gifts should be fun to give, and fun to receive. Sometimes, a gift itself should be ... fun. If you are up to giving a unique gift, a fun gift ... you might want to take a look at giving a geeky gift. This article give to you some basic thoughts about finding, buying and giving geeky gifts.

Well ... It's Easy if You're a Geek ...

Geeky gifts can be easy-if youíre also a geek. Otherwise, itís very difficult to know what will appeal to your friend or relative unless you know a lot about them.

When people say ďgeek,Ē they think of people heavily involved with computers. If youíre a geek, too, you probably already know what your geek friends want or need; if youíre not, consider sticking with the humorous or entertaining geek gift. Desk figurines, gadgets, and funny t-shirts are usually big hits with geeks.

It's Not Just Computer Geeks, Man ...

But computer geeks arenít the only geeks out there. There are word geeks, food geeks, game geeks-you name it, thereís a geek who is an expert in it. Food geeks might appreciate books on unusual food, or perhaps a day long workshop at a culinary school. If itís organic food your geek is interested in, buy some organic wine. Other than more books, think about a membership to Visual Thesaurus, an online synonym searcher for those who think in mind maps.

Geeks and Games and Games and Geeks ...

Regardless who youíre buying for, itís a generally accepted requirement for geekhood that they like games. The board game Blokus, Europeís Game of the Year in 2002, will make a big hit. Also check websites like <> or mall-based game stores.

Wow ... It's the Valley of the Geeks ...

If youíre still having trouble, try websites like There youíll find funny posters and artwork, the Ultimate Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy, The Onion Box Set, and other appealing gifts.

And, Don't Forget: Think Geek

Also take a look at <>. Here you can buy blue LED faucet lights, radio controlled mini helicopters, candy with high caffeine content, and powerball gyrocscopes. They also offer a red Swingline stapler, but they donít expect you to buy one.



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