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Finding the Perfect Farewell Gift: How to Say Goodbye in Style

Saying good-bye is one of the hardest and emotional things that we have to do, especially when the person that is leaving is your best friend, a favorite relative or even a favorite person at work. Change is not something that we enjoy very much and this type of change seems so permanent. Someone once said “endings are just beginnings”, then we have to ask ourselves, then why does it hurt so much?

Using the Internet to Say So-Long ... and to Keep in Touch

Today, no matter where someone is moving to, it is possible to keep in daily touch with him or her. The Internet is so wonderful with the amazing email capabilities and of course we can always call them as well. But no matter whether it is easier to keep in touch today or not, it still engenders a great deal of sorrow to see them leave.

A Marvelous Farewell Party

If you really want to say good-bye in style, you may want to ask their permission to throw a farewell party with all their friends. You could host this event at your home or find a restaurant or even plan a big outing to a ball game or a picnic. You will want to take a lot of pictures or even better have someone bring their video camera. An event like this will surely let them know that they will be missed greatly and give them the opportunity to say good-bye to everyone.

Things You and Your Friend Enjoyed

Now when it comes to the right gift, you should buy something that reminds them of the type of things that the two of you enjoyed doing together. You could also make them something original if you are creative and this would be a wonderful reminder of you every time they saw it. You could also make up a picture album and have everyone bring you pictures of them and the different things they did through the years along with a special message from each as to how this person touched their lives. This is a certain tearjerker and will be treasured forever.

Making Memories

In the end, when you are looking for a farewell gift for someone that is an important part of your life, you will want to be sure to make a memory. When all is said and done, when you are forced to part from someone that is important to you ... what you have left is the memory of your time together.

By making certain that your farewell gift adds to those memories, you will be in a position of making sure that the bond that you have created with this special person lasts and even strengthens over space and time.



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