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Purchasing an Ideal Engagement Gift

Gift giving is a tough task in many instances. If you are facing the prospect of buying a gift, you may be pulling your hair out. In this regard, you may not know what to buy a person for a particular occasion. In addition, you may be living life on a strict budget -- as are most people today -- and you really don't have a great deal of extra cash lying round and about that you can use on buying gifts -- even gifts for people that you care a great deal about.

The Engagement Accouncement -- What Do You Do?

Sometimes families or friends of couples who have just announced their engagement will hold a party for the new pair. People who attend are not required to bring gifts, but often do so to honor the couple and their friendship. You may also buy them an engagement gift even if there is no celebration.

Engagement Gifts and Wedding Gifts

Often engagement gifts are similar to wedding gifts: home décor or everyday household items; a bottle of champaign; items they might need for the wedding, such as the guest book or another useful item.

You could also consider items they could use before the wedding. A planning journal could help them through some of the bumps every wedding experiences in the days before the big event. This journal could be part of a survival kit you could assemble, complete with a day at the spa for the more hectic times. A gift basket of relaxing bath and body products would also be a good addition.

Other Suggestions ... Finding a Truly Unique Gift for an Engaged Couple

Other possibilities include cake toppers-customized to look like the bride and groom-framed and mounted blessings and poems, plaques to commemorate the event, and a mini photo album filled with pictures from the engagement party.

How About an Engagement Party?

If you’re thinking of contributing to the engagement party, consider toasting glasses with their names and the date engraved in them. You can also contribute other wedding day items, such as the cake server and small details that are sometimes overlooked.

Weekend Getaways for the Bethrothed Couple

Also consider short getaways for the couple before the wedding. Lunchtime cruises, day trips out of town, or even tickets to an event they would enjoy together would all be welcomed distractions from the busy months before the wedding.



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