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Buying a Perfect Bar Mitzvah Gift

Celebrating Coming of Age

The bar mitzvah (bat mitzvah for girls) is a celebration for 13 year old Jewish boys. The term means “son of commandments,” and is a time when boys are accepted into the community and considered responsible for carrying for commandments as set down in the Torah. While it’s a serious occasion, it is also a time for celebrating a young man’s coming of age, and gifts should reflect that transition.

A Boy's New Status in the World

Although he is still a boy, giving gifts that reflect his new status and recognize his maturity will be a compliment to him. Jewelry with the character Chai, which carries much meaning in Jewish traditions and language, is always a good bet. There are pendants, rings, bracelets, amulets, key rings, and other jewelry options available.

Finding Gift Suggestions Online

The website <> has a lovely selection of Jewish gifts, and are easy to choose even for the non-Jewish. Among the attractive items is a Jerusalem Compass, a solid brass compass that they say will point you in the right direction no matter where you are in the world, and “Not only can we pray facing in the right direction, but we can also fulfill our obligation to educate our precious children in the importance of Jerusalem.”

Special Gifts for the Event

Another gift idea is a framed certificate of the event, with a photo of the celebrant. Also consider a memory book with a collection of photographs. If you’re thinking more along the lines of buying a Torah or educational materials in the Jewish tradition, remember to consult the parents first and get their approval.

Stock and Securities as Gifts

A gift of stock is also an idea that has been around for a few years for adults, but is filtering down into gifts for children. Again, make sure you check with the parents first.


By really taking the time to consider the boy and the event, you will be able to come up with an absolutely perfect gift for a young man on this very, very special occasion. Your gift will be a great contribution to the overall celebration of this very special transition for a young man (or, in the case of a bat mitzvah, for a young lady).

By using the resources in this article, you will be able to find the most appropriate gift to celebrate the special occasion that is a bar mitzvah.



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