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Shopping for the Ideal Baptism Gift

A Baptism is one of the most important days in a person's life ... in the life of a family. If you are going to a baptism, you may be wondering what type of gift would work well. We take a moment to visit with you about finding, buying and giving just the right gift for a baptism. We want to arm you with some helpful information to make the shopping for a baptism gift all the easier. We think that in the end you will end up with just the right gift to give for that special occasion.

The Baptism Ritual

Baptisms have a huge variety of rites and rituals, and at various points in a person's life. For instance, some believe that one should only be baptized when one is old enough to understand the commitment being made, and others believe infants should be baptized. Some come to the church later in life as converts or new believers. Regardless of the timing, it's a joyous occasion for them and a gift should reflect your spirit of sharing in their happiness.

Infant Baptisms

For infants, a blanket is always a good gift, as is a baptism memory book or nice photo frame. Keepsake stores and children's departments in larger stores generally stock such gifts, and the internet is also a good place to look.

Baptisms of Younger Children

For young children, a memory book is still a nice gift, as is a journal. Children this age also may be just starting to read, so often a bible story book is appropriate. It's always a good idea to check with the parents to see what level of book they would want their child to have. Boys and girls this age also like stuffed animals, and a baptism teddy bear may be the perfect christening gift.

Baptisms of Older Children

Older children who read well may appreciate a standard bible, but again checking with parents is warranted. Girls often appreciate lockets with their baptismal photos in them, and boys may like their photo set into a nice frame (many are fond of pewter).

Adult Baptism

Adults who are newly baptized also enjoy receiving baptismal photographs as well as small memory books with a series of photos of family and friends who attended the baptism. Often simply sponsoring a celebration for them is also a good gift-they will take many fond memories with them from their christening day.

Being There

No matter what you purchase, wrap, or prepare, remember that the best gift you will give them that day is your presence in their lives. Sharing the joy of the occasion will be the greatest gift of all when it comes to the baptism celebration. By joining in the occasion, you will be joining in something that is sacred and transcends our day to day lives here on Earth.



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