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How to Buy Occupational Gifts

Finding the right gift for a co-worker can be a tough task. Indeed, buying gifts for the workplace is one of the most complicated tasks that a person can embark on when it comes to social related tasks.

You have to be very careful that any gift you elect to purchase well respects the boundaries of the workplace. With this in mind, we have prepared this little article for you. Here we share with you some of our own thoughts relating to buying occupational gifts.

A Gift with an Appropriate Career Theme -- Dos and Don'ts

Buying and giving a gift with a career theme can be a fun experience, even if you know nothing about the occupation. The choices can range from office decorations and toys to gag gifts and cartoons. Much will depend on the type of occupation and level the person is within the company, and you should find that out before you shop.

Shopping for Someone in the Service Occupations

For people who are in service occupations, cartoons, funny poems, and gag gifts are often popular. Due to the nature of serving grouchy, hungry, or dissatisfied people, the field is ripe for humor. Consider a personalized cartoon. There are cartoon career themes available from hairdresser to police officer, and you can buy them framed and mounted.

Finding a Serious Occupational Gift

If you want something more serious, go to an occupational supply store. For instance, if youíre shopping for a nurse, you could find a cheap stethoscope or another occupational tool and have it framed in a shadow box. Some of these shops have items like this already displayed. T-shirts are also popular, as are commemorative wall plaques for certain occupations.

Finding a Gift for Someone in an Office Setting

For people in offices, you have a wide choice of office toys (such as the executive sandbox), framed poems and cartoons, or more serious gifts like pen and pencil sets and highly designed desk accessories. Often the plaques center around people retiring from the field.

Buying a Gift for a Manager or Supervisor

Sometimes you will be called upon to buy a gift for someone in your own office who is higher up on the ladder or has been promoted. In this case itís best to stick to more serious gifts. If you know the person well, you may want to purchase a desk accessory or office decoration yourself. If not, itís often acceptable to pool money with others and buy one very nice, expensive gift.

Giving Gifts to People Who Work for You

If you are giving a gift to people who work for you, remember that the best gift is often money. It shows you appreciate their efforts.



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