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Buying Keepsakes for Special Occasions

Almost any occasion can be a good one for choosing a keepsake gift, but weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, proms, etc. are often the best. Sometimes funerals or memorial services are also excellent opportunities, but the keepsake is different, and centers around the lost loved one rather than the recipient.

Understand the Recipient's Tastes and Lifestyle

When choosing a keepsake, consider the person’s tastes and lifestyle as well as the occasion. For instance, a newly married couple may be starting their new lives together in a tiny apartment. If you would like to buy them some home decorations, you likely wouldn’t choose place settings with extremely fancy designs. Those would look out of place. You would probably go for a simpler look that wouldn’t clash with their surroundings. A bit of guesswork is involved here, but if you know them well enough to be invited to their wedding, it will probably be very educated guesswork.

Jewelry is a Terrific Choice ... Keepsakes for Any Occasion

Often people choose jewelry for a keepsake; pendants and lockets are popular for woman, and bracelets and watches for men. Regardless of the occasion, make sure you have the piece engraved with the date and event, and perhaps a message. The piece will serve as a commemoration of your friendship as well as the special day.

Memorial and Funeral Keepsakes

Memorial services and funeral keepsakes need as much care taken on the “when” as the “what.” Often poems and tributes that have been written about the deceased are mounted and framed for a lovely memorial keepsake. Just remember that these should not be offered at the burial service unless it’s to become part of a display about the person’s life. Giving the keepsakes at the get-together event after the service could be a good time. If the family is too bereaved, by all means wait until when you feel the time is right. Sensitivity is the key to the memorial keepsake.

Summary and Some Thoughts

In the end, when it comes to keepsakes for special occasions, the goal really is coming up with something that will be valued and treasured well into the future. By their very nature, keepsakes need to be gift items that are so special they will never be forgotten.

With this in mind, it really is important that you spend time considering what you are going to give someone as a keepsake gift. Keepsakes for special occasions really are not items that you can dash off and buy in a pinch, items that you can purchase on the fly.

By taking the time to really think through what you want to buy for keepsakes as gifts, you will get the perfect and most memorable gift for a person who is a special part of your life.



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