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Buying Jewelry for Special Occasions

Shopping for gifts can be an enjoyable and yet a difficult task. In this regard, you likely are looking for tips and suggestions that can aid and assist you in finding the best possible gift for a given occasion. With this in mind, we do share with you some of our helpful thoughts when it comes to buying jewelry for special occasions.

Always Consider the Recipient

As with other keepsake-style gifts, if you choose jewelry for special occasions you should consider the occasion as much as the recipient. There are many choices of jewelry keepsake gifts for both men and women, and many are available on the internet as well as stores.

Buying for a Man

If you are purchasing for a man, think first about his lifestyle. If he spends a lot of time working with his hands, rings may not be a good idea. Consider other jewelry, like an engraved bracelet or watch. Men are often fond of neck chains as well, and come in many different precious metals. Another idea is the belt buckle. There are many different designs available, and have images like initials, flags, animals, scenery, and many more. Some bucks also have images in inlaid wood, which is a beautiful gift for someone who loves the outdoors.

Buying for a Woman

If you are buying for a woman, also think about her lifestyle. For instance, a woman with a business career may not appreciate ornately-designed, high-glitter jewelry, and instead prefer understated, professional jewelry she could wear to the office. If the woman is a model, or must attend formal engagements for her job, she may go for more glitz. Often itís best to watch what she wears when, and match the style. If she wears little jewelry, stick with the understated and elegant.

Buying for Younger People

Buying special occasion jewelry for children can be difficult, especially for young boys. For girls, lockets and pendants with their birthstones is always a good idea-fingers and wrists change sizes over the years, and rings and bracelets would have to be relegated to the keepsake drawer upon maturity. If youíre buying for a boy, consider cufflinks, I.D. bracelets, or a watch, all of which will recognize his maturity.

Once again, by taking the time to shop around a bit and find the most appropriate jewelry item for a special person in your life, you will be giving a gift that will long be treasured by a special person in your life. You will be a true gift giving hero.


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