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Buying Golf Gear and Equipment for Gifts

If you have a golfer in your life, you may be interested in buying a gift for an occasion that fits in with your friend or family member's golfing interests. Through this article, you will be provided some helpful pointers to assist you in finding the best possible golf gear and equipment ... as gifts for a special person in your own life.

Golfers and Fussy

Golfers are very particular about their equipment, so if youíre going to buy golf gear for a gift, you should know your golfer before making your decision. While you might remember which new driver she wanted, remember that there are more considerations than brand and type when buying things like that.

The Little Things

Perhaps instead of the clubs and balls, think more about the little things that would make traversing the course more enjoyable. For instance, you might consider a golf bag drink dispenser. This handy little device will be the hit of the foursome on hot days.


Another popular gift for golfers is the Sky Golf SkyCaddie. This electronic device has an extensive library of golf courses, so your golfer will never again have to wonder how far it is to the green. A good companion gift is the electronic score keeper.

Personalized Gift

If your golfer already has a lot of electronic gadgets, try a set of mydallions personalized with his name. These beautiful monograms personalize the golf clubs and serve as custom ball markers as well.

Other Thoughts

Other golf gifts you can consider worry-free are umbrellas, towels, t-shirts, and golf related items that would not end up on the course-barware, drinking glasses, mounted and framed golf cartoons, and personalized trophies.

Learning More About Golf ... Improving the Game

Also consider the golf training programs and DVDs available today. Your golfer can improve in the comfort of his or her own home with training programs delivered to your door. Or, if youíre looking for a larger program, there are many pro golfers who tour the country giving clinics and workshops on the sport. Check your local golf course for information.

If youíre still not sure, check a recent issue of a popular golf magazine. Read the advertisements, and see what might match your golferís needs and personality the best.

In the end, by using this tips as a starting point, you will be well on your way to finding the most appreciated gift for that very special golf enthusiast in your life.



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