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Buying Collectibles for Gifts

Gift shopping is tough. You can end up frustrated as you spend your time trying to find the best possible gift for a specific occasion and for a specific person.

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who enjoys collectibles. If that is the case, you might want to consider making a purchase of collectibles as gifts for your friends or family members.

Gifts of Collectibles for a Person with a Collection

Often the person you are buying collectibles for already has a collection started. If not, this may not be such a good gift choice unless the person has mentioned starting a collection. Therefore, your first job will be to find out what the person collects or wants to collect.

Figurines: Perfect Gifts for Many Occasions

Many people have a collection of figurines. Hummel figures are an example of this. Some collectibles are limited edition and/or, making them more expensive (and more valuable), and others are mass produced. Limited edition and hand made items should bear two numbers-one is the number of the particular piece, and the other is the total number of pieces produced. This is often seen on the bottom of framed prints, where you will see a number that looks like this: 14/500. This means it is the fourteenth piece produced out of 500.

A Unique Gift: Special Edition Figurines

Some limited edition figurines have a printed authentication certificate instead of the number, while others have numbers etched on the bottom. Beanie Babies, subject of the recent stuffed animal collection craze, had “born on” tags attached to authenticate the pieces.

Specific Designs for an Avid Collector

Some people, rather than collecting certain designs, collect different designs within a category. For instance, you may have an aunt who collects bells. While it’s a much easier task to choose a bell than to find a particular designer piece a person wants, you will still have to find out what sort of bell she doesn’t have yet. But if you’re in a place where she has never been, say a foreign country, by all means buy a bell or two while you’re there.

Collectibles Versus Dustables ... Make Sure You Know What You are Doing

Even if the person is crazy about collectibles, remember that you are adding to his or her collection of dustables as well. There are many people who bought two or three Beanie Babies, only to have relatives swamp them with more because they couldn’t figure out anything else to buy for them-or simply would not take the time to figure it out. So make sure first that it would be a welcomed gift.


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