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Buying Apparel for Gifts

Shopping for gifts can be a time consuming, oftentimes expensive and frequently frustrating task. If you are finding that you are facing the task of buying a gift, you will want to consider all of your options. In this regard, you should give serious consideration to buying apparel for gifts. Through this article, you will be provided with some of the pros and cons associated with buying apparel for gifts.

Shopping Can Be Fun

It can be a lot of fun to go shopping and imagine your recipient in the various outfits or articles of clothing on display. But if you’re not purchasing a gift card to the person’s favorite store, you have to be careful in your choices. Many people, especially parents and grandparents, buy clothing they would like to see the person in, rather than the clothing he or she would prefer to wear. Even friends fall into that category, and give others clothing in colors that will never look good on them.

Color is a Good Place to Start

If you simply must choose the clothing, color is a good place to start. What colors does the person wear now? What colors does he or she seem to avoid? And remember, sometimes people look horrendous in clothing in their favorite color!

Don't Forget Size

Now you must have the size, and the best way is to check the tag on their current clothing. If you’re a parent, this is easy. If you’re a friend, you can call the parents of the person you want to buy for, or you can weasel your way into checking the shirt tag or asking a pants/skirt size. “Hey, you’re tag is sticking out of your sweater, let me tuck it back in,” is always a good excuse to peek.

Pick the Store that the Recipient Likes

Now the store. So she likes Hot Topic even though you wouldn’t be caught dead in there? So be it. Go to Hot Topic and look for a design she might like in the color range and size you decided upon. He might like to shop at Abercrombie, a place where you can never find anything to fit. Go there and take your color and size list.

Ask Around, Get Feedback and Suggestions

If you’re buying for a friend and you’re in doubt, ask other friends or the parents of your recipient. They are usually ready to help. If you’re a parent, you always have the option of taking the person shopping. An outing with lunch or dinner might be a way to reconnect during your busy lives.



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