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Animals as Gifts: Pros and Cons

Gift buying can be a complicated task. Of course, you naturally want to buy a gift that will be enjoyed, appreciated and remembered. You want your gift to have impact -- to be a unique gift. In this regard, you may be wondering whether animals as gifts is a good idea ... a good plan. Through this article, you will be provided with the pros and cons of buying animals as gifts.

Animals ... Not Always the Perfect Gift

While It seems like a thoughtful and ďcuteĒ gift, giving animals is not always a good idea. In fact, there are many more cons than pros, and most animal welfare societies speak out against the practice. Aside from the obvious lack of understanding of which animal might be right for a person, it can cause children to think of the gift as a toy. This is grossly unfair and cruel to both the child and the unfortunate animal.

The Novelty of Animals as Gifts ... And, the Responsibility

It is often with animals as it is with toys-the novelty wears off. You can put toys away in the closet and forget about them, but animals suffer, starve, and die when neglected. This cruelty is unnecessary, and could be eliminated through a little more thought by adults.

Animals ... Truly Members of the Family

Think of the animal as a member of the family, and realize you are adopting, not buying. Think about how you and the children are going to feel about the animal when itís grown into the adult. A baby chick will be a chicken. Is your house prepared to raise a chicken as a pet, and are you, as the adult, ready to handle responsibility when the child loses interest?

Bunnies and Easter ... Proceed with Caution

Itís the same with rabbits. Bunnies are cute Easter gifts, but they grow up and are often relegated to a lonely life in the back yard. Are you prepared to take over when the furry baby grows into an adult with sharp teeth that could bit your child? Even if the answer is yes, realize that you are committing years to caring for a rabbit, chicken, or other novelty animal when make this sort of choice.

Use the Local Animal Shelter

One thing you can do to ward off neglect and cruelty is to choose the animal as a family. Go to the local shelter, for example, and shop for a puppy, kitten or other animal that connects with you and your children. Be responsible, and donít choose an animal for itís cuteness-cute only goes so far. Choose for personality and ability to interact with the rest of the family.

Always Remember the Animal ... The Companion Animal

Remember that the animal has no choice in the matter, and imagine you are choosing a family for the animal as much as choosing the animal for you. Make it a mutual adoption.



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