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When is a Gift Card Good?

If you have purchases a gift card for someone in your life, you may want some additional basic information about how a gift card will work, how long a gift card will be good for. Through this article, we help you by providing you with the basic information you will need to have in regard to how a gift card will work, and how long a gift card will be good for.\

When Gift Cards are the Perfect Choices

If you are uncertain what sort of gift to give, consider a gift card. Some think itís a way of giving cash and is as impersonal, but if youíre not sure what to buy itís a way of giving someone what they want. If you buy your card online, you get an email with the receipt and PIN, as well as brief use instructions for the recipient. You would then print the email and place in a gift card.

Gift Cards -- For Every Occasion

Gift cards can be used for everything from wedding gifts to holiday presents. They should be strongly considered when you donít know what to buy but have a good idea where the person likes to shop. They are also a good idea when thereís a chance you would duplicate a gift with someone else-this way you save the recipient a trip to the returns line, which at holiday time can be long and frustrating.

Understanding the Typical Restrictions on Gift Cards

Because a gift card replaces cash, itís used exactly that way-however, it has certain restrictions. Often a merchant will set a date from the date of the card purchase-usually one year-and the card either expires or begins losing value. The rate at which it loses value varies from store to store, but itís often 1 to 1.5 percent per month.

There May be a PIN

If you have received a gift card, remember many gift cards have PINs, and you would need that number in order to make your purchases. Often merchants wonít honor a gift card without a PIN, especially for internet purchases. Make sure you know the rules of your particular card.

Double Check to Make Sure the Card is Activated

After you have received a gift card, check to see if it needs to be activated. If so, the purchaser will probably need to do that. If youíre unsure, check with the merchant. Once itís activated, you may create your online account or go to the store to purchase goods.





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