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Gift Ideas for Your Baby

What Your Baby Really Needs

When you are buying a gift for your baby, it usually is also a gift for you so take into consideration what needs you have currently to best do your job as a parent. For example, if you are bottle-feeding you may want to purchase bottles, pacifiers or formula. If you are constantly on the go or traveling you may find that a baby carrier or a new diaper bag would be a great accessory to aid in your job. Even a traveling crib or playpen is good.

Decorating Your Baby's Room

If your baby’s room needs decorating, you may want to purchase decorations such as a mobile, lamp, rug, dresser or even a new crib. Any of these items will make your baby’s environment more pleasurable and compliment the décor.

A Play Center for Your Baby

Play center items can give you the welcome respite that you may need to relax while keeping your baby safe and entertained. Swings can be a lifesaver to parents whose babies have trouble falling asleep. The rhythmic nature of the swing can lull even the most restless baby to sleep.

Storage Chests as a Gift for Your Baby

Storage chests can be helpful to store all the toys in one central location and keep the babies room uncluttered and organized. Most new parents don’t realize just how much storage they will ultimately need for their new baby.

The Always Useful Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is another great gift. Baby blankets can provide warmth, shade, or even just comfortable place for a baby to play and are easy for you to use at home or out of the house. It is also helpful to have blankets to bring to or leave at family or friend's houses that are frequently visited with the baby. Extra blankets will always come in handy.
Buying a Gift Your Baby Will Need Down the Road

Think of items the baby can use in the months to come, such as a growth chart, rocking horse, or baby books. All make great baby gifts.

Good Toys for Your Baby

When buying your baby a gift, look for toys that will stimulate them through sounds and images. There are toys that not only reflect images but can also record sounds. You’ll be amazed how fast babies will discover this, curious as they are. The recording will play and just wait and see, baby will be having all kinds of ‘conversations’ to and fro before you know it.

Many of these new intelligent toys are fun to play with and educational at the same time. It will encourage and stimulate speech and eye coordination. You can also record your own version of Humpty Dumpty and all the King’s Men and other nursery rhymes and your baby will be absolutely delighted, for sure. Many have pre-recorded soothing sounds, which are very pleasant for little ones while falling asleep.



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