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History of Christmas Gifts

Christmas was a religious and solemn event that soon found its way into a commercial event for retailers and craft makers. Christmas was the celebration of Christ. The puritans who celebrated Christmas in that fashion reminded Christians of the bible saying that Mary received gifts from the three Wiseman at the birth of Jesus Christ. History has taught us that Christmas was a holy day, over centuries of change Christmas gifts have become a tradition on this special day.

Origins of the Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts, exchanged during Christmas celebrations of Romans in festivals surrounding Saturnalia. This practice continued outside of the church and soon became a national phenomenon around the world. Gifts then known as being delivered by Santa Claus or Father Christmas as he became, which came about in the early centuries with Saint Nicholas, gave gifts to the many children who lined the streets. The bishop who started the tradition was always dressed in a red robe, riding a mule. His death on December 6 then became the day stockings hung from the fireplace for Saint Nicholas to leave gifts for the children.

Leading the Way to Christmas Gifts Today

Christmas gifts soon became a holiday tradition with many, some religions prohibit gifts of this mature, but for the most part, it has advanced into the highlight of the Christmas season. Christmas gifts for young and old, with excitement, with anticipation and always feelings of joy and happiness. Today we view Christmas as a gift exchanging holiday, but continue to celebrate the birth of Christ by attending church or another way of remember his day.

Years of Christmas Gifts Pass and Present

Christmas gifts from the pass given from the heart, created by hands with feelings from the heart. Gifts crafted and given in exchange came from handcrafting and had some usefulness for the receiver. Today Christmas gifts come from the retail store and can range from a candle to a big screen TV. Things change over time and Christmas is just another holiday that has shared the change. A little less commercialism at Christmas could put an ancient spin on the holiday.



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