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Great Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Whether you are a brother or sister yourself, buying a gift for a sister of any age can be challenging yet rewarding. Remember, not only is your sister a built-in friend, she is special in ways that no other friend can be because you share a family. At any age, you can recognize that special bond.

Buying for a Younger Sister

If your sister is a young child, consider an age-appropriate book. This shows that you appreciate her abilities and recognize that she's maturing. Perhaps a fun toy is more in order, something she could use alone as well as with a trusted friend. Walkie talkie wrist watches might be the perfect gift, and she may even give one of them to you!

Journaling and Diaries

Girls ten and up often take to journaling and diaries, but in days gone by have often lost the keys or had the locks picked by other nosy children. These days you can buy her a beautiful voice-passworded journal that only she can access-at least until she gets laryngitis.

Cell Phone Gear

Young teenage girls more often than not have their own cell phones. A fun gift for the phone-owner might be cell phone covers and skins, as well as unique ringtones. For music lovers, consider a handbag shaped like a guitar, or that has a print reflecting her sport or activity. If she is musically talented, you could get her accessories for her instrument, like guitar strings and picks, or sheet music.

MP3 Players and Gear

For older teens, the ever-popular MP3 player with downloaded music (legal, please) always makes a considerate gift. Also consider getting her photograph put on a glamor magazine, complete with photo shoot-they will make her look like a star. The athletic girls might like wrist-held water bottles, which help serve as both a weight-trainer and hydrator.

Memory Books

For sisters in college and beyond, try memory books (with lots of photos of your life together) or keepsake boxes with trinkets from your past that will remind her of your special relationship. Both will tell your sister that you treasure her place in your life, and look forward to collecting photos and memories for the next decades.

Spending Time Together

One thought that you will want to keep in mind when thinking about a gift for your sister is a simple one ... Spend some time together. When all is said and done, when you head on further down the road in life, the gifts that you will remember most of all, the thoughts that you will cherish, will be those involving time that you actually spent together. When you go about the process of finding a gift to give your sister, focus on things which will allow you to spend time together.

For example, depending on the age of your sister, you might think about some sort of day trip together or even a weekend journey to some place special and fun. In any case, as you go about creating such a marvelous gift, you need to know that in the end you will be giving something to your sister that you will both cherish forever and ever.



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