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Fun Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Lots of guys like to take the easy way out when it comes to buying gifts for their girlfriends and stop at the flower shop to grab the nearest bouquet. Not only do women know (and usually don't say anything), a lot of times their joy fades with the flowers-quickly. In a day the poor blossoms show signs of wear, and in a week they are spent. Instead of quickly wilting memories, try something that she will treasure for a long time.

Fun, Funky and Lively T-Shirts

Think about t-shirts with sayings that are either witty, or recognize her preferences. For instance, if she loves every song a certain band ever wrote, a shirt emblazoned with the band members and perhaps a tour date might make a big hit. If she has a great sense of humor, try one of the many funny t-shirts available on the internet, including tattooed sleeves, which make your arms look tattooed when you put them on.

Doing Things Together

Also think about things you could do together. Kites have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, and come in beautiful shapes and colors. Perhaps give her a gift certificate to an amusement park, with a matching one for you in your pocket. If you want to impress her with unusual gadgets, the internet is full of such gifts-try a motorized ice cream cone, a backwards clock, a personalized parking sign, and many more.

A Personal Journal

Another nice gift is a personal journal, which many girls enjoy, and you can find them with voice-activated locks. If she is a sports or music lover, try a lifesize cardboard cutout of her favorite athlete or musician.

A Day at the Spa

Another suggestion when it comes to a gift for your girlfriend is a day and the spa. A day at the spa can be one of the most wonderful experiences for a person who just needs something a little different and a little special in her life. You really will make your girlfriend happy, happy, happy.

Spending Time with Your Girl

But remember that she remember her time with you for the rest of her life, even if you are both very young, so make sure your gift is meaningful and considerate.

When all is said and done, spending time with the one you love can be the greatest gift of all. Making memories together makes memories that survive over the course of a lifetime. Therefore, when it comes to gift giving and your wonderful girlfriend, consider a gift that you both can enjoy together.



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