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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Shopping for gifts can be a tough task even under the very best of circumstances. It can be very difficult to find the perfect gift for a family, particularly for your father, for your dad.

In this regard, you may be looking for unique gifts for your dad. Through this little article, we will present to you some of our thoughts about finding and giving unique gift ideas for your dad.

We do hope that with these helpful, handy tips you will be able to find the most memorable and wonderful gift for your fantastic dad.

Please -- No More Ties

If your dad's closet is filled to bursting with ties from the last ten years of gifts, it's time to try something new. Even if you never bought him a tie in your life, you should still be searching for a more personal gift, something that tells him you appreciate him. Sounds like a challenge, but it's easier than you think.

Most men appreciate a good beer, and a lot of those beer lovers appreciate a good beer glass. Not just an ordinary glass-a stein. Steins have been around for a long time, and today are made from pewter, ceramic, porcelain, and cut glass. Pewter and cut glass have a heavy, substantial feel to them, while the ceramic and porcelain are often colorful and amusing. Pewter and glass can sometimes be found at keepsake stores, where you can have them engraved for your dad.

Traveling "Stuff" for Dad

If your dad travels and flies a lot for work, let him know you recognize his efforts with a travel kit. Some come ready made, but you can always assemble your own based on what he specifically needs. If you make your own, first get a carry-on sized bag with a zipper, and put in his favorite toiletries, an MP3 player with his favorite music, and a cervical pillow that would keep his head from falling to the side during long flights. All of these items are useful no matter how he travels.

Stocks (Yes, Stocks) for Dad

Another popular gift these days is stocks. Even if you are young and can only afford one share, a framed stock certificate from his favorite auto maker, motorcycle manufacturer, or socially responsible corporation would be a great gift.

Spending Time with Your Wonderful Dad

Remember that you are one of his treasures in life, and maybe a day on the golf course or batting range would mean more than anything else to him. By spending some time together, you will build perfect memories that will be the gift that really does keep on giving over time and well into the future. You will be giving an unforgetable gift to one of the most important people in your life.



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