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Shopping for the Ideal Gift for a Co-Worker

Shopping for a gift for a co-worker can be difficult, especially if it's a grab-bag type of holiday party where you draw names from a pool. Sometimes you won't even know the person whose name you drew, and even if you do you probably don't know them well enough to buy a meaningful gift. This goes for peers, bosses, and those you supervise or manage.

In this brief article, we share with you some of the insights that we have garnered through our own experiences in shopping for a co-worker or a professional colleague. We have been where you are -- we have struggled with the process of finding, buying and giving just the right gift for a co-worker or a professional colleague. We hope that by sharing some of our thoughts in regard to buying a gift for a co-worker, we will make your own task of finding just the right gift all the easier for you.

A Unique Gift that Works ... Finding a Gift that is Practical and Yet Special

But there are some items that will serve the purpose no matter who you draw. Pen and pencil sets are almost always a welcomed gift-people patting themselves down for a writing implement is almost a cliché these days, and a reliable set that clips into briefcase pockets, folders, and notepads are good bets. Engraved name plates for desks are also nice gifts for coworkers, as are elegant desktop pencil holders.

Executive Toys ... Lighten Up the Workplace

If you work in an office with a sense of humor, you might try executive toys. There are dozens of choices, from survival kits with analgesics to miniature tabletop golf games and tiny office foam basketball sets. Movie tickets or gift certificates to coffee shops are always good ideas, as are tastefully-designed water bottles and coffee mugs. Gift baskets are also quite popular.

Hobbies and Pastimes

If you know something about the person, like what his or her hobbies or interests are, try something that recognizes the person's pastime. For instance, if the coworker is an athlete, buy a display-type book about the sport that she might like to put on her coffee table at home. Musicians might enjoy a tote bag shaped like their instruments or have a print of the instrument on the bag. Gift certificates to book stores are also good choices.

And Remember ... Tell Them "Job Well Done!"

However, if you're the boss, remember that one of the best things you can do is appreciate your people. A pat on the back helps keep spirits up day to day, but if you really want to give them something special, a bonus check is sometimes all you need to give.

Once again, we do hope that we have been able to help you in your own search for just the right gift for a co-worker, professional colleague or anyone else in a work related setting.



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