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Great Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Groan. You have to shop for a gift. You have to shop for a gift for your brother. Groan. Moan.

You are wondering what in the world can you get your brother. You've known him forever ... but when it comes to getting him a good gift ... your mind goes blank.

In our article, we share with you some of our thoughts regarding finding, buying and giving a suitable gift for your brother. We have learned through trial and error what works, what doesn't work when it comes to giving a gift to a brother.

Selecting the Right Gift for Your Brother can be Tough ...

It's hard to know what to buy for a brother. On one hand, we have an image of them as sports-worshiping roughnecks who break our stuff and make fun of everything. On the other hand, when we're in trouble or need help, they are the first ones by our sides to offer a sympathetic ear or helping hand. So we should recognize that place in our lives, that only they can fill, with the proper gift.

If Your Brother is Younger ...

If your brother is very young, a toy vehicle is always a big hit; especially consider flying things-kites, frisbee-like rings, and airplanes. Make sure it's age-appropriate, and consult parents about the small parts.

Boys and Their Toys

Elementary age boys through high school love remote-control toys. It used to be that you had to spend a lot of money to get anything good, and the choices were limited to cars and boats. These days you can buy your brother a high quality remote control car, boat, hovercraft, or UFO at an affordable price.

Buying for an Older Boy

Older boys love their tunes, and maybe an MP3 player loaded with all his favorite songs would make a hit. If he is musically inclined himself, consider getting him accessories for his instrument or some sheet music. He might also like a t-shirt or jacket that recognizes his musical talent.

Shopping for the Athletic Brother

If he's athletic, try an athletic gift. Besides accessories and small exercise equipment like grip balls, etc., he might appreciate a basketball pole or game like virtual boxing. Gym bags, camel backpacks, and small workout equipment also com in handy for the athletic brother.

Making Memories with and for Your Brother

If he's out of school, think about a memory book filled with photographs of the things you two did together. Remember some photo finishing labs allow you to place type on some pages or digital (or scanned) photographs, so fill the pages with “remember when.” They are probably the things he remembers most, too.



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