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Gift Ideas Under $100

If you are living your life on a budget -- and who isn't today -- you may have reached a point at which you are in need of buying a gift. You might want to find a very nice gift for someone -- and yet, you still want to be able to stick within a reasonable budget.

Through out article, we will provide you with some useful information that will be helpful to you when you are looking to find just the right gift priced at $100 or less.

High Tech Gadgets for Under $100

For the gifting individual that is willing to spend up to $100 for a present, there are many high tech gadgets available on the market. Giving a gift that not just everyone else has in the high tech arena will make the receiver the hottest geek out there. Here are a few ideas.

The gumstix is a tiny XScale-based Linux-powered computer. It is inexpensive at around $99, can be expanded with a CompactFlash card ($25 expansion board required) or MMC ($60 expansion board that includes Ethernet), and can talk to devices via serial port, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, or wi-fi, via a CompactFlash adapter.

There are also expansion boards, such as the robostix, that have an embedded microcontroller that can interface with the core Linux system. The gumstix has brains and brawn, and it can talk to almost anything. You can think of it as a Linux PDA without a screen, stylus, or buttons. There is also a fantastic wiki that can answer all your questions.

A GPS Tracker or a Useful Phone

You can also buy a cheap GPS tracking and a phone, using the free site Mologogo, you can get your loved one a cheap $60 pre-paid boost mobile phone, register on the site, download a Java app, and you're pretty much done. The phone will transmit your position to a server such as Linux or Google Maps, and you or your friends can view your location in real time, or the location of the person you give this to.

A Year in the Virtual World

Another idea might be to buy them a year in a "virtual world". For a cost of around $73, you can purchase Second Life which is a big virtual world where just about anything goes. Everything in this virtual world is created by other "residents." There's a built-in scripting language, and everything is for sale; make something cool and you could be the next Lindenaire (Lindens are Second Life's form of currency). Basic accounts are free, so that's not really a gift, but premium accounts get land and weekly virtual cash to blow.



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