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Unique Luxury Gift Ideas

Shopping for just the right gift, for a gift that a friend or family member will truly love, can be a challenging task. With that said and rightfully understood, if your budget permits, and if you are so motivated, there actually are some magnificent luxury gift items that can literally rock your world, and the world of the person who gets such a wonderful gift.

Using the Net to Find a Luxury Gift

The search for the perfect, unique luxury gift has now become super-easy, with the launch of the internet. You can browse and find gift ideas that you will most likely not find just shopping. New high tech items are truly a luxury item since most people will not spend the money to purchase something that they realy donít need and most likely donít even know exist. Here are a few ideas for you when you are looking for a unique luxury item. So whether you want to say 'thank you', 'congratulations' or 'I love you' you can now select a gift that says it all.

The World's First Hydrogen Car

The first idea is the worldís smallest hydrogen fuel minature cell car. Using the same technology that international automobile companies are implementing to develop zero- emission vehicles, this car is fueled entirely by hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, and powered without combustion while emitting only water from the exhaust system. An external fueling station uses electrolysis to extract hydrogen gas from distilled water and sends the gas to a small balloon inside the car that acts as the hydrogen storage tank. The hydrogen is slowly released from the balloon into the onboard fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen to generate electricity to propel the car's motor. Refueling takes 10 minutes and the car can run in a straight line for three minutes and can travel up to 325' on a full tank.

Digital Drumsticks

Another unique gift might be the new iPod Digital Drumsticks. These motion-activated drumsticks allow you to drum along with songs from a connected iPod or similar music device with an audio output. The control module clips to a belt and has a cable for your iPod and another audio output for connecting to a stereo system.

Your Own Mixing Studio

You may also want to check out the latest iPod DJ Mixing Studio. This is the personal music studio that connects to an iPod or similar musical device with an audio output and allows you to create your own digital mixing effects, such as scratch, digi-sound, and voice. The mixer has two discs that, when rotated or scratched, produce up to six different background rhythms and fill-in sounds, three drum fills, and three voice effects. Volume and tempo controls allow you to adjust sound levels so that you can hear your effects accompany the songs played through the iPod.



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