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Finding the Perfect Kwanzaa Gift

Finding gifts for special occasions and holidays can be a tough task in many instances. Coming up with great ideas in the first place can be a big part of that overall gift giving challenge.

Our article has been prepared and now is presented to you to help you in coming up with some terrific gift ideas, in this case gift ideas for Kwanzaa. We think that with these suggestions you will end up being able to give some truly fablulous gifts for a truly special holiday.

Take a moment to consider these suggestions. Then, head out (or online) and find exactly the Kwanzaa gifts that you are looking for, that you will love giving and that will be treasured by your friends and family for years and years to come.

The History of Kwanzaa

First celebrated in 1966, Kwanzaa is a week-long holiday that was designed to draw together all people of African heritage throughout the world. The celebration lasts from December 26 to January 1, and includes music, candle lighting ceremonies, and a feast. Gifts, mostly given within the immediate family, may be exchanged throughout the seven-day celebration, but are often given on the last day.

A Gift Centered on Africa

A thoughtful Kwanzaa gift should include representations of Africa and the rich culture of Africans. The fun and entertaining Mancala game and its variations are quite easy to come by. Gifts of African art and sculpture are especially appropriate, as are home-crafted gifts created with meaning and thoughtfulness. There are books on making Kwanzaa crafts available on the internet-and that would make a good Kwanzaa gift as well.

Learning and Kwanzaa

Because learning is placed in high regard, a book is required as a Kwanzaa gift. The most thoughtful book one could give at this holiday is a book about Kwanzaa, or about African heritage. Music is an important part of Kwanzaa, and perhaps a book about African music would work well. Much is written about African art as well, and there are many coffee table books with stunning photography of African artistry.

African Jewelry and Kwanzaa

African jewelry is also highly artistic, and may work well as a gift in certain cases. Ethnic dolls are also an appropriate gift for some, as is the more artistic clothing offered in African boutiques. Often a beautiful gift is an outfit of African fabric and style. Whatever you choose, however, remember two words-culture and education-and you should be able to find the perfect gift for Kwanzaa.



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