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Finding the Perfect Father's Day Gift

Dads' drawers are often filled with Father's Day gifts-white clay hand prints, hand made cards, ties, knick knacks, and other do-dads. While these are all excellent presents for younger children to dive their fathers, if your older you may want to branch out a little. In this brief little article you will be provided with some handy and helpful hints on what to do and where to go when it comes to coming up with the absolutely best Father's Day gift imaginable

Finding a Father's Day Gift -- Ideas for Younger Kids

Younger kids could try a coupon book with slips of paper that say, “Good for one free car wash,” or “Good for an hour of free yard work.” Don't forget to include things you can do together, like a trip to the skating rink or golf course.

Finding a Father's Day Gift -- Dad and His Car

If your dad likes to tinker with cars, chances are good he could use a little organization. With a little investigative work, you could find out what sort of compartments he needs for his garage to keep tools or small parts. This idea would work for many hobbies he may have that require storage of small items. If he doesn't have a subscription to a publication relating to his hobby, consider that as well.

Finding a Father's Day Gift -- A Great Dad and the Great Outdoors

Does your dad like the outdoors, particularly the back yard? Try a portable grill or accessories for his favorite outdoor activities. If you do, be sure to include spending some time with him trying them all out.

A Personalized Gift -- A Song for Dear Old Dad

A personalized Father's Day song is also available on the internet. There are prewritten lyrics that are personalized for your dad, then recorded by a professional musician (other holiday songs are also available). Another gift to consider is stock. If he likes cars or motorcycles, buy him stock in his favorite make. If he is socially conscious, buy stock in a socially responsible company.

Remember that you are one of his greatest gifts, so regardless of what you buy for him, your time is the best gift he could receive. Spending time with your Dad will create memories that truly will last for a lifetime ... and then some.



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