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Finding the Perfect Easter Gift

If you are a parent who is tired of the constant candy your children are exposed to every holiday, there are many other options available to you, some you can still put into an Easter basket. Although a little bit of chocolate in certain famous shapes mean Easter to some kids, the millions of calories and cavities passed out on that day have a lot of moms and dads checking their medical and dental budgets for the year. And countless of us find one of the hardboiled eggs months after Easter-“Honey, what's that smell?”

The Perfect Easter Gift for Young Children

For the very young, try a spring activity toy. There are a plethora of colorful balls and toys that children love to take outside. You could also give them a gift certificate to an indoor amusement park, or even an outdoor park if the ones in your area are open. You can also buy colorful plastic eggs to hide little trinkets in, and often they like finding those as much as real eggs.

The Perfect Easter Gift for Elementary School Children

Elementary age children love Klutz books and other fun activity books. These books explain how to do something, and provide the materials to do them as well. For instance, a book on juggling would explain it in plain language, with photographs and illustrations, and include a pouch of juggling balls.

The Perfect Easter Gift for High School Children

High school age kids also enjoy activity books, but they may have a hobby that they are beginning to enjoy a lot. Consider buying them some accessories for their hobby or other interests. If he or she has a cell phone, you might try a calling card to increase their minutes for the month. Young people also love music, so if you've been considering an MP3 player, now might be the time.

Easter ... A Time for Families

Easter is also a time for families, and you may want to choose something you can do together. Almost all kids love botanical gardens and wild life displays, and likely your town or city has some activity to offer.

In the end, when it comes to Easter gift giving, a gift that brings your family and other loved ones together will be the perfect, the most special, the most appropriate gift of all. Celebrate the season with love ... and demonstrate that love through well thought out and well planned Easter gifts.



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