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Finding the Perfect Iím Sorry Gift

The saying that love means never having to say I'm sorry is ... well ... not true.

If you are like every other person on the planet, you have experienced a situation in which it is important for you to come up with an appropriate way to say I'm sorry.

Through this brief article, you will be provided some wonderful tips to help you in finding a great I'm sorry gift -- and in saying "I'm sorry."

Armed with these suggestions, you should be able to mend fences, make another person feel great ... and be able to move on with your life.

The Art of the Apology

Some say the art of the apology is lost, but with careful thought and a good store, the job can be done well. Remember that although it doesnít guarantee forgiveness, it may go a long way toward starting the process-and it will begin the process of self-forgiveness as well.

Making the Punishment Fit the Crime

Much as we think punishments should fit the crimes, the apologies should fit the offense. If you offended someone with words, nothing can replace kind words as a salve. What should accompany a letter of apology and reversal? Send the person tickets to a comedy club to cheer them, and donít be offended if they donít ask you along. For every different way you can hurt or offend someoneís sensibilities, there is a gift to match the offense.

Replacement I'm Sorry Gifts

Perhaps you accidentally ruined something that belonged to someone else. This is a common offense and doesnít usually cause hurt feelings. The trick is to replace the thing you ruined with something of better quality. When thatís not possible, replace the item with the best quality you can find, and offer them something else along with it that is along the same lines. For example, if itís a porcelain figurine, replace the broken one with an exact copy and purchase another one that might match it. Even if you canít find the exact replacement, two is still better than one that isnít quite right.

And, of Course, Say "I'm Sorry."

Make sure whatever you choose, that an honest verbal apology accompanies your offering. Nothing quit does it like a face-to-face, heartfelt, ďIím sorry.Ē

And, you need to make certain that the I'm sorry -- as does any true gift -- comes with no strings attached. Do not make excuses. Do not blame. Do not hedge or fudge. Simply take responsibility and say "I'm sorry."



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