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Buying a Good Luck Gift

Many good luck gifts are more message of empowerment, like posters that say, “We believe in you,” or “You can do it.” While these are easily found and chosen, you may want to offer a more personalized and thoughtful way of saying, “Good luck.”

With this said, actually finding a perfect good luck gift cannot be left to ... luck. You really do need to have a basic understanding of what are considered to be good luck gifts.

In this regard, as will be discussed in our helpful article in a moment, good luck gifts are derived primarilty from different cultural traditions.

Good Luck Systems the World Over

Most cultures and and subcultures have their own system of bringing luck, which in reality is often no more than good preparation and hoping the time is right. While you can't ensure either one of those for someone else, you can let them know that you support them in your own way with a token of luck from your own culture. In that same vein, you can also supply them with tokens from their own cultures to show your respect.

A Sample of Major Good Luck Items

Here is a sample list of items from the more prominent cultures and countries of today, and their luck symbols.

Irish-four leaf clover (shamrock), knotwork
Scottish-horseshoe, elephant and elephant trunks
Scandinavians and German-the rune Eoh (the yew), an ancient symbol
Jewish-cabalistic symbols and signs on amulets and rings
African-various masks (depending on the subculture)
Polish-white stork
Russian-the egg
Egypt-the ankh, the cat, eye of Horus
Pagans-the circle, pentagram
Muslim-the Hand of Fatima
Native American-depends on the subgroup; everything from arrowheads to buffalo

And -- The Rest of the Story

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you are interested in finding out the details of luck and symbols in a certain culture, research the culture itself by exploring archaeology and cultural anthropology books. These books might also end up making the perfect good luck gift-what better gift for an Irishman who needs good luck than a book on the “Luck o' the Irish?”

In the end, by giving a good luck gift to someone you care about, you will be extending hopes that special blessings and benefits will fall into that person's life. And, what can be a more beautiful expression than that?



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