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Buying a "Girl Power" Gift

From a working girl's survival pack to a goddess kit, gifts with the girl power motif is available in many forms. The thing to think about is the girl or woman's stage of life.

This special article has been created for you. This special article is intended to guide you in finding the best girl power gift possible ... a gift that will resonate long after it is given.

Picking a Gift for a Young Girl

A young girl will appreciate support of her sex with poems and plaques, something she can look at every day for a boost and remember who gave it to her. A girl might also appreciate books with a strong female main character who succeeds in the end or solves a problem. Also consider a journal-they are available with voice activated locks. No more losing the key!

Picking a Gift for an Older Girl

Older girls also like journals, as well as music. Try an MP3 player with music by women downloaded (legally, please), or woman-themed songs. There are a plethora of t-shirts and sweat shirts with girl power and woman power messages. Older girls and young women also like posters and art work, so find a girl power wall hanging of some kind-it's even better if it goes with the MP3 player and music choices.

Picking a Gift for the Young Woman on the Go

Women from twenty on up know what the workaday world is like for females, whether their work is at home or in a place of business. Try a survival kit, tailored to match her job. There are pre-assembled kits available, but you could also make your own. First, buy a lunch box sized container with a clasp or zipper. Then fill it with her favorite items, like bath salts, skin care, and other personal care items. If she travels, make sure the container is flat and can fit in checked luggage, making it easier for her to pass through security. For travel kits, feel free to include basic first aid and more intimate personal care, including items like ointments, band aids, spare hosiery, and acetominophen.

Magazine Subscriptions: A Gift that Never Fails

Another popular gift for girls and women is a magazine subscription. Make sure it's a publication concerned with the promoting the strength and intelligence of women, and not one that is overly concerned with being incredibly skinny and “appealing.” Help her find more “power” in being “girl.”

In the end, by taking the time to consider a girl or woman's state in life and the activities and responsibilities that she is responsible for on a daily basis, you will be able to find a tremendous girl power gift that will be a totally perfect choice ... no matter the girl, no matter the woman.



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