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Finding the Ideal Get Well Gift

Wishing someone well can take many forms, from spending time with the person to taking home-cooked meals and movies. Being considerate toward the personís ailment is the first step to finding the perfect thing to help them heal.

Picking a perfect get well gift can be a rather complicated process in some instances. You want to make certain that a particular get well gift is right for the person -- that it meets with the person's tastes, interests and what have you. Moreover, you will want to make certain that a particular get well gift is appropriate to the circumstances.

Consider the Medical Condition

The first thing to consider is whether the person is injured or ill-they both have unique considerations even though the end result may be the same. A person who is injured or has had surgery may be mobile or not, and this should affect your choice of gift.

A Gift for an Injured Person

Injured people almost always lament that they find ordinary activities difficult, and there may be a gift to help them. For instance, someone with arm or shoulder injuries-or surgery-may have difficulty reaching out. An accordion-style grasper may be a good gift in this case, as may be a scissor-type too to help them open jars and bottles. These gifts are also great for people with arthritis. Considering the affected part of the body is most often the key to a good get well gift.

A Gift for a Shut In

For shut ins, your time and friendship are one of the most important things you can give. So why not buy the housebound a great movie or stand-up comedy series that you could watch together during a visit? If your friend or relative is having trouble doing for herself, by all means consider a gift of meals. Companies like Schwannís will deliver delicious main courses, side courses, and whole meals right to the door.

A Gift for a Person with a Disease or an Illness

If the person has an illness, the same things apply. Try to make their lives easier and give them something that will take up some time while they heal. Occasionally the person will have a contagious illness and you wonít be able to visit, but frequent phone calls, emails, letters, and appropriate gift baskets might be the trick. Also, when feasible, consider hiring a maid service for the person. Itís sometimes difficult or impossible to do daily chores when very ill, and sending rescue is sometimes the best thing you can give someone.

In the end, a get well gift really will brighten a person's day -- and will long be remembered after the person is restored to good health. Your kindness will not be forgotten



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