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Dos and Don'ts When Buying Corporate Gifts

If you are in need of corporate gifts, or gifts for your best customers and clients, you likely have spent a good deal of time already trying to decide what to buy and where to go. Through this helpful article, we will discuss with you some of the more important dos and dont's of buying corporate gifts, of purchasing gifts for clients and customers.

Understanding Company Rules

Often there are strict company policies regarding giving gifts to clients and suppliers. Make sure you understand your company's rules and regulations, as well as any limits on cost and frequency and how it's handled in your accounting department. Also, if others in your department give corporate gifts, make sure you don't compete with them and make them look cheap to their own clients.

Also, perhaps your recipient's company doesn't allow their employees to accept such gifts. The best thing to do is check ahead of time, instead of sending the gift only to have the other person be required to refuse it. This creates an awkward tension that won't help your business relationship.

Buying for an International Client or Customer

If you are buying a gift for an international client, or someone with a culture you aren't familiar with, research the requirements of the other culture with regard to gift giving. Other cultures may also have strict gender-driven rules of general gift-giving, and those should be carefully observed.

Avoid Being Too Personal

Avoid any gift that might send too personal a message. For instance, you would not want to be a man sending a woman a bottle of perfume (unless you are in the fashion or scents business and the practice is already in place). It's a good idea to check with coworkers to see what has been done in the past at your company, and the other company if the information is available.

Avoid Religious Gifts

Although sometimes difficult, religious holidays can be a way of offering special recognition to your client or supplier. Make sure you understand the holiday first, then get a member of that religion, like a boutique owner, to help you choose the perfect gift.

Keep the Wrapping Wonderful

Whatever you choose, make sure you wrap it nicely and deliver it personally if you are able. If you're in different cities and you have to ship it, give it every packaging advantage money can buy. Often for an out-of-town recipient, a good gift is simply a gift certificate or basket of goodies, especially at holiday time (again, be sensitive to religious observations concerning certain foods).

Be Sensitive When Giving a Corporate Gift

Whatever you choose, “sensitive” should be the operative word. Sensitive to your company, sensitive to your recipient's company, sensitive to their culture, and sensitive to the recipient. By taking care, by paying attention and adhering to the rules, you will be able to find and give the most wonderful and completely appropriate corporate gift imaginable.



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